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my idea about the killer web application enero 5, 2007

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a comment about docs.google.com: I think google is all about innovation (in some way is like my personal hero about companies, i usually say my friends, when i get older, i want to program like the google folks), so i was expecting instead of having several office applications, you build only one in which we can compose a document that is a collection of objects of different types (lets say a text, a mathematical equation, a table, a 2d drawing, a picture, a 3d model, a song, a video, etc, etc), each type of object should have its specialized renderer and editor, that allow to modify it or view it in a rendering context (in this case the composed document).

I borrow the Wolfram approach used in Mathematica, finally everything is an expression, or what is the same, everything is a sequence of bits that represent something, there is a way to interpret that bits (a renderer or viewer) and to modify it (and editor). Combining this idea with the recursion idea, to say, we can nest or embbed an expression within other, and Eureka!!! probably you can build the big unified killer application, of course we can keep this better and better if the expressions can reside on any place in the network (thanks to the URL idea), and more better if for some type of expression there are several viewers and editors (of course the viewers or editors are also and expression and can be retrieved/exported via a URL so we can have repositories and freedom of choose our prefered viewers/editors), the important is the format of the expressions be open and standardized.

With this reflexions in mind, we can think that any computation is only a rule for mapping or transforming an expression into other expression.

Here there are my ideas, I will appreciate your comments.

Innovation implies breaking the squared mental models and come up with new and creative solutions, visualize thinks like no one else before.


Aplicaciones hacia sus equivalentes en el web. junio 25, 2006

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Surge una empresa que apuesta por la migración de las aplicaciones tradicionales hacia aplicaciones web, su fundador fue empleado de Microsoft pero dice que sus ideas no fueron puestas en práctica.

Menciona que las metáforas usadas actualmente como son el escritorio y el "drag & drop" ya han sido rebasadas por la gran cantidad de información que tenemos que manejar diariamente.

Proponen basar las aplicaciones en metáforas mas simples:

* Busquedas
* Suscripciones y Agreaciones o Colectas, en vistas de información manuales o automátizadas.
* Compartición y publicación.

Sin embargo la implementación que hace esta empresa no se ve muy prometedora a diferencia de la aproximación que esta teniendo GOOGLE.